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Nelemi Co.

leading world chinchilla fur brand

About Us

,,Nelemi Co.’’
“Nelemi Co.” has started and till today it operates as a part of a family company in an irrevocable private property with a business tradition for almost three decades.
The founder and owner is Miodrag Stankovic, mechanical engineer, with the previous decennial professional and work experience in process technologies.

Miodrag Stankovic

Very early, since the teenage days, in the family business has been actively involved the son Nemanja Stankovic, who is today the general manager of the company, but also the leader of innovative-creative team with a very ambitious projects of further improvement of technological procedures in the treatments of chinchilla skins.
Since its inception, the company specializes exclusively for the chinchilla skins, which is a strategic direction of actions in the future.
In the field of distribution of skins, the company has already managed to position itself as a recognizable global player, expanding its activities to a several meridians and continents.
In addition to the quantitative growing supremacy, thanks to the stocks of finished products that are always ready to respond to the needs of its numerically growing customers, the company has developed her own original processing technology of chinchilla skins that’s not accidental named Diamond Blue Technology.
This unique technological process is based entirely on the green technology postulates, with the encouragement of the necessity of spreading ecological awareness, as well as the security of the health of participants and users of products, and the preservation of the environment.