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Diamond Blue

top quality fur

Diamond blue technology

With dedication and many years of devoted work of our expert team, we have developed a special processing technology of chinchilla skins-Diamond blue technology. With this method of work is obtained recognizable bluish color that gives our products a unique quality.

Careful selection, multiple strict control, as well as special professional production process, give the top quality fur. The intensity of the black colour in the middle comes to the fore in contrast to the extremely white colour with a hint of bluish part on the abdominal part of fur. Clear color gradations, and color purity without admixture of yellow, brown or red, are clear indicators that this is a Diamond blue fur processing technology.


Innovative Diamond blue technology gives to product its optimal appearance: silky, shiny and thick hair, color purity, bluish color (according to which the technology got its name), the elasticity of the product.

Best for Tailors

Tailors who are sewing chinhilla fur garments know how elasticity is essential and important feature and how much easier process of sewing is if they have skins that are sufficiently elastic, and therefore easier for manufacturing the final product. This guarantees longlasting of clothes made of products labeled Diamond blue.