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Diamond blue Prime

Diamond blue Prime
Diamond Blue Prime
The initial brand of the company “NelemiCo” – Diamond Blue Prime has provided all the advantages of the most exquisite performance chinchilla fur: dark blue reflection, glow, silkiness, elasticity, stretchability. The references so important in handling each piece of this fur.
In doing so, only the best quality skin can be considered as a default condition.
Careful choice, multiple rigorous control, as well as a special professional production process give superior fur.
Tailors that sew the garment from chinchilla skins know how much elasticity is necessary and important characteristic and how easier is the process of sewing if they have a skin that is sufficiently stretchable and hence than is more usable for the production of the final product.
All this, in addition to the unquestionable quality, guarantees the longevity of the garment from the labeled product as Diamond Blue.