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Diamond Blue Superior-powerful UV protection

Diamond Blue Superior-powerful UV protection
Diamond Blue Superior brings a truly revolutionary newness in technology of chinchilla fur processing.
It is about the fact that by preliminarily done effective technological process fur can be already immune to UV rays. More precisely, to protect the fur so it can reflect UV rays from the begining instead of absorbing them, even in micro quantities.
The experts for this luxury fur know that by the time consuming, no matter how good and carelessly someone cant treat the fur out of season, it happens that especially white surfaces, but also gray and black zones on the folds, can get some yellowish shades. As a result of that, fur is losing vitality, seeming old, tired and deserved.
It is reliably known that the cause of this is the harmfull effect of UV rays, whose concentration has a different intensity, but is still present throughout the day throughout the year.
DB Superior technology eliminates the imperative of recycling. With a credible guarantee that with DB Superior, the recycling is superfluous and unnecessary.